Strike Force Heroes 2

The hacked version of the world famous game, also, features many benefits for devoted players. So, meet the second part of a fantastic game Strike Force Heroes, where your first mission will take place in the space station! Play as a great warrior and perform various tasks, where you have to enemies to save innocent people. After performing a space mission, you are going to base the characters somewhere in South Africa. As in the first part of the strike force, each soldier has its own passive skills that improve protection and attack, and super abilities, causing damaging blows for the enemy to help honored warriors.

Each of them gas it’s own arsenal of pistols, rifles, machine guns and other weapons, as well as body armor and other useful ammunition. This game features base organized attacks and also offers the game in built a slot machine so called one armed bandit, where you can pull all your money or win a rare weapon. As usual, fire support associates are irreplaceable. Strike force game heroes 2 hacked gives you the great opportunity to get max character levels and funds that will make your gaming experience smoother.

After getting funds, you can buy weapons or other equipment in the shop. For this time, your team in Strike force heroes 2 hacked will have five unique fighters: an engineer, mercenary, general, sniper and Juggernaut. Fight back and use these people strategically in the hacked version. Engineer Nathan is 33 years old Canadian. After years of hard training, he served 12 years in the army and now, he is a devoted fighter and the soul of rebels.

history of main character in strike force

Mercenary Dex is 42 years old American, who used to be a soldier of fortune. This master in martial arts specializes in machine guns and explosives, so he can easily cope with the superior forces of the enemy. Another distinguished fighter is General West Briton, a resigned valiant soldier who can easily raise the team spirit and find the weakness of the enemy. Sniper Jin is a game-lover boy who promises plenty of actions and adventures for players. Juggernaut is the one you will need for the most dangerous missions where need superhuman endurance and power.

Strike force heroes 2 hacked presents fighters who can have several types of helmets, hats and equipment, which will help you to achieve a certain level in the game. Besides, the game has many medals for a variety of achievements including the secret ones. Strike force game heroes 2 hacked represents an epic futuristic shooter sequel to Heroes of the strike force! Join the game and upgrade the company! As you can see, you will have five unique soldiers, hundreds of weapons, equipment, and armor. Try your luck in the new action online for free, without registering! Unique characters, more blood, more than 60 types of weapons are waiting for you.