raze 3 unblocked

You’ve been waiting for the new version of the legendary shooting game for so long, and now your dream came true. The new version of Raze 3 unblocked is here and you will spend great time playing the full version for free. If you have never played the Raze game series, I will explain you what this game is about. This shooting game is about fighting with aliens that are trying to conquer earth and destroy humankind. Your team is the last barrier between aliens and chaos. So, do you think you can resist the enemy? Raze 3 unblocked features new campaign mode with new interesting levels. Keep in mind that there are several game modes that you must play : Steal The Flag, Deathmatch and others. For example in the Steal The Flag mode, your mission is to steal the flag of your enemy and deliver it to your own and at the same time secure your base and don’t let enemies steal your flag. In Deathmatch mode, you will have to kill as much enemies as you can.

features of the raze 3

Raze 3 unblocked features a lot of weapons that you can use during the game. You can even pick up new and drop old weapons. As I have already said, the selection of weapons in Raze 3 is really huge : you will be able to choose the weapon you like, including sniper rifles and rocket launchers. Some of the weapons are good for close range while others have much better accuracy and power. You will find out about weapons as soon as you start playing Raze 3. Another interesting thing that I really like in this game is that as soon as you complete campaign mode, you will unlock a new one, where you are playing as an Alien leader who is going to kill all human. The simple controls of the Raze 3 game are