13 February 2019

Super Smash Flash

Super Smash Flash

would like hear about super smash flash?

Super Smash Flash is one of the most addictive flash games you will ever play. The game seems fairly simple at first, but if you play it twice or three times, you won’t be able to stop.

You have all your classic characters here. Mario, Link, Megaman, and Sonic are all part of the cast plus several other recognizable icons. There are also tons of unlockable characters just like the original Super Smash Flash games. Even the menu system and the character select screen were made identical to the originals. When I tried this out, I chose Megaman because he never made an appearance in any Smash game and is still missing from Brawl. Megaman in Smash Flash plays just like he does in his normal games, all of his attacks are long range. He has no physical melee attacks since in his normal series, he just uses long range laser blasts. I thought this was pretty interesting to he how Megaman would be translated into this game.

Game modes on smash flash

There are several game modes in Super Smash Flash that present different challenges depending on the mode you choose. There are also three different difficulty levels for each mode – Easy, Normal, and Hard. When you begin each level you’ll be facing one random opponent. However, as you progress through the game you will be facing several characters at once, which means you will need to use the jump button and the arrow keys to dodge and counteract the attacks that are going to be coming at you from all sides. The controls for the game depend on which game mode you are currently playing. In all cases the first player uses the arrow keys to move and the O and P keys to jump and attack. The second player uses the A,S,W,D keys to move, and the G and F keys to jump and attack.

The object of the game is to defeat your opponent in as little time as possible. Super Smash Flash is an extremely fun game, as long as you think about your strategy at the beginning of the level. You need to understand the attacks of each character so that you will know what to expect from each of your opponents. If you are already familiar with the old school arcade Nintendo and SEGA games, then you should know about the special attacks of the various players. With so many players and game modes to choose from, you should be able to enjoy the game for hours on end.

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