20 February 2019

Run 3

Run 3

run 3 unblocked

run 3 Unblocked is the most recent version of the popular running game, where your character has to run as long as he can and survive. When I say survive, I mean not to fall from the platform which is situated in space and die. Yes, you got it, the whole stage is situated high in the sky, and every wrong move can cause death. Run 3 is a game, where you just can’t stop. You have to run and run and run….and of course jump over the empty areas. This game was released in the 2015 year and became very popular all over the world on PC and Android devices as well.

At the beginning of the game, all perks are locked. As you progress, you unlock special stuff that can help you to complete levels. For example, you will unlock new characters with new skills, which can jump higher, run faster and so on. Run 3 Unblocked is divided into levels. The first several levels are easy enough, but then it becomes more and more difficult to make wise decisions. I hope that you will have fun playing Run 3 Unblocked on our website.

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