13 February 2019

Learn To Fly Idle

Learn To Fly Idle

Zoom Up = Ctrl+ Mouse Scroll Up

Learn to Fly Idle game has been released! The game is about shooting ice snowball to all nearby things. Your weapon is a cannon, that launches ice snowballs. You suppose to be a little penguin behind the cannon, that lights the match and shoot the nearby enemies.

With each shoot in the icy things, you will get more dollars (you can see that in the right upper screen of the game). More dollar gives you opportunity to buy an equipment like: Launching power, Base damage, Max shoots and Auto-fire (that can be turned on or off). Quicker you shoot straight into the enemy things, quicker you will improve. You can see your statistics, like total play time, how many seconds past from the last save, how quick research point improves. also, the bigger skills you get, the quicker research points will grow. Research points are important to pass on the next enemy opponent. Total kills can be view also under the Achievements and Research buttons, as well as DPS (distance of the shoot from the enemy) and shoots.

If you have enough research points, the Learn to Fly Idle game allows you to battle with the next opponent by pressing the black right arrow. This game has many features, that make it simply great for playing. Do not miss the chance to play it for free just on our website!

learn to fly idle has addictive features, that is reason why this game have many followers. our website gives you opportunity to play learn to fly series.

for example: learn to fly 3, which also has very addictive features.

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