10 February 2019

Play Electric man

Play Electric man

Zoom Up = Ctrl+ Mouse Scroll Up

Electric Man is a game for those, who love playing fighting game online. Even though the game doesn’t provide good graphics it is very addictive because of the great gameplay and rather good physics. In this game you are a stick man, who is trying to win the tournament of Voltagen. Your enemies are cruel fighters who will try to kill you. The key to success in the Electric Man game is the strategy of fight. There are a lot of different moves that you can use to defeat your enemies.

about electric man

electric man controls

The basic controls of the game are :Use Arrow buttons to move your character.
[A] – Punch
[Q] – Slow Motion Punch
[S] – Kick
[W] – Slow Motion Kick
[D] – Grab
[E] – Slow Motion Grab

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Keep in mind, that as you progress in the Electric Man game, you will face new types of enemies. You will even have to fight with the boss at the end of each round. I hope you will spend great time playing the full version this addictive game.

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