12 February 2019

Earn To die 4

Earn To die 4

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Zoom Up = Ctrl+ Mouse Scroll Up

Earn to Die 4 is the newest installment of Earn to Die series. The main character escapes the zombies and reaches the military base. He boarded a plane and came to a safe area. Or so he imagine. Zombies are overrun on the plane and this plane is crashed back to the ground. He has no way but try to run to a nearest town in order to prevent from invading of hordes of the undead.
Earn to Die 4 uses three cars, including muscle car, four-door sedan and the station wagon. Powerful truck is not used as before. However, it doesn’t mean that Earn to Die 4 lacks in numerous zombies to massacre and overrun. You have many zombies to obstacles and kill to smash through.

controls of earn to die 4

Controls are also the same as all games of Earn to Die. The directional keys are used to steel the vehicle. You use the up key for moving the car forward, the down key for moving it down or back, the left key for tilting the vehicle upwards, the down key for tilting it downwards and use these keys for balancing and steadying car during the game.

Earn to Die 4 Gameplay

The game begins with the four door sedan. It is a reliable and average and compact to begin the game. In Earn to Die, the first car will take you to a point in the game. If you can not complete the wholegame, you need to upgrade various parts of the car to make most of it.
After achieving this, you can progress to a far distance in the levels. Here you would be stuck at a point; you need to buy a better car. Upgrade the core parts of your car again and then buy the muscle car. If repeating this process, you can complete the game just a second.

Do you know how to upgrade the cars? It’s quite easy with cash. You can earn money every time you move to a point. However, don’t travel too far to earn money because it’s harmful to your car. You can earn money when you’re moving. With money, you can buy upgrades.It’s not a good idea for kids to play Earn to Die because of its violent nature. This game is less gory when presenting in cartoon, but it’s also for mature.

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