12 February 2019

Crush The Castle 2

Crush The Castle 2

play crush the castle 2

Zoom Up = Ctrl+ Mouse Scroll Up

Crush the Castle 2, moves on to the next level where King gets even crazier. King of Redvonia, who ruthlessly collects taxes just to develop new projectile and recruit new castling smashing talent. Game does get addictive with more you play. Within a week of its release, there were more than 25000 castles ready to be smashed. Here is the small review of the game.


Controls are simple but it requires good judgment and timing on your part to score more. It is more of a physics game to land your projectile on right place. You click once for trebuchet to load all your cargo and aim. On second click, you release the deadly load towards the castle. Second click is all about timing, if you release too early, you could miss the castle or too late, your cargo will hit the ground. With good shot, you could see castle structure topple on the ground smashing its inhabitants.

Plot and characters

This is the major difference between first edition and the second. You have different kind characters who could offer you different ammunitions, which include old log, parachute bombs, and electric eels. Plot are also little absurd.

Difficulty level

It is not all about loading and shooting. You have to choose the perfect ammunition. Therefore, it would be wise to take few minutes to plan what to load before going crazy crush the castle 2.

New additions

Game has got new expansion packs, new art and palette swaps. The core mechanics do remain same but the graphics is little better and has new features.

Level Editor

Game has level editor, which can be used to design the game situation with new materials, time, weather, and terrain. You can also use feature called settle to test your castle before saving.
The only thing that could bug you would be while saving your progress. It requires you to log in for every save. As far as the Crush the Castle 2 is concerned, it is perfectly weird and entertaining.

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