Infectonator 2

Infectonator 2 hacked is the sequel to the hit action zombies game. It’s inexplicable and unexplainable, but the fascination with the walking dead or zombies has been always there. This macabre enthrallment has transcended to movies, books and most of all games! Infectonator was a flash based game, which used zombie apocalypse as its premise. the game was surprisingly addictive and had depth for a flash game. The tradition continues as Infectonator 2 hacked has made an appearance!

Infectonator 2, like its predecessor, is a browser based flash game. This game is highly addictive and would have the players immersed for hours. The premise of the game is quite simple, you have to infect a city by starting a chain reaction of infecting people, who become zombies. These zombies will in turn chase and hunt down, until, you’ve completely turned every citizen of the town in a shambling walking corpse. From the sound of it, this can get pretty monotonous at latter stages, but this is where the upgrade system of Infectonator adds pizzazz to the proceedings.

details about infectonator 2 hacked

By themselves your zombies are a force to reckon with, but when they encounter policeman wielding guns, their tenure as walking dead is cut short. In order to successfully infect and dominate such foes, you’d have to upgrade traits of your undead horde like: speed, attack, and defense and infection chance. The game, also allows purchasing other methods of annihilating the population by grenades, landmines, bombs and zombie excrement. Further stages of the game would allow the players to unlock special zombies, which have creepy and somewhat awesome powers!

Objectives of the infectonator 2

The objective of the game is world domination. You have to turn the entire known human world into zombie domain. The stages are comprised of towns, cities, countries and continents, that you must infect and conquer. each having its own set of difficulty and population level. This gaming mood is what Infectonator 2 hacked inherited from its predecessor and I think, the developers could have made things a bit more interesting by incorporating some extra features. Nevertheless, Infectonator 2 hacked is a classic, immersive and addictive game, which would have you annihilating humanity one town, city, country and continent at a time.