Fancy Pants 3

Fancy Pants 3 unblocked is the third installment of the popular Fancy Pants Adventures series. Take a peek at Squiggleville, Fancy Pants Man’s hometown and the start of his new adventure! The adventure begins with the visit of a man in a black hat to Fancy Pants Man house. The man tells him about Angry Bathtub Pirates, who commandeered the royal tub and informs him, that the King wants to see him. Next you will meet the King, who wants to make sure, that Fancy Pants Man is still in good condition for his latest adventure. he helps you to prepare by teaching Fancy Pants Man different movements and jumps in a sort of tutorial. After the training the true adventures begin.

In Fancy Pants 3 unblocked, as in the previous installments, you will need to go through the levels. collect squiggles and fight with the enemies you will meet. If compared with the previous games of the series, Fancy Pants 3 unblocked was greatly improved by it’s developer. As usually the game offers an excellent action platformer experience, but visuals are better and animation is even smoother and cooler. also, the new challenges are more entertaining. The Fancy Pants Man now can do more cool tricks and his enemies became more skillful. Some new things were also added in Fancy Pants 3 to the exploration process. Now, you will not only collect squiggles, but you will also need to find three stars elusively placed in every level. Secret rooms and challenge rooms that enrich the game were introduced in Fancy Pants 3 unblocked.

controls and gameplay

Fancy Pants 3 is a platformer, to control the character use the arrow keys: left and right to move, down to duck, down while moving to slide, up to enter doors, S to jump, A to swing your sword, Space Bar to pause game, M to mute the music. To reset the level, press R. Though it will not be necessary to use the sword right away, it will help you a lot later to fight all the bad creatures you will face on your way. Be aware that you can defeat an enemy with your sword or by jumping on its head. 

Fancy Pants Adventures series is considered to be very good series of platformer games that is definitely worth attention. So if you have not yet played a Fancy Pants Adventures game, it is high time to do it right now.